Hippodex: 3D People with 3D Printers

We see two groups of 3D People each with their own economic problem. One group has invested in a 3D Printer and discovered that their printer sits mostly idle and unused. The other group has not made the investment, yet they have an idea ready to print.

Hippodex unites us and solves these problems: 3D Printer owners earn money by printing other people's projects. And new 3D People can delay their first 3D Printer purchase until their needs grow.

Participating in the 3D Printer economy on Hippodex directly reduces your total cost of ownership. You will meet 3D People in your community and together we'll bring desktop manufacturing to everyone.

Digital Enthusiasts, Creative People, Futurists: We Are Hippodex

We see a future in desktop manufacturing. A future where anyone can design new products. A future where anyone can manufacture new products. A future where new products are shipped as data.

Recent Projects