Privacy Policy We care about this and it is important.

Protecting your privacy and your personal information is a responsibility we take seriously. Our philosophy is that your private information should be treated with the same care that we would expect of our own information.

What do we collect? Any information you enter into your profile is stored of course; email address, phone numbers, street address, etc. We also maintain logs of account activity to help improve the site overtime and to design new features. The logs are anonymized such that the Hippodex Maintainers do not know who did what; instead the logs are meant for statistical analysis and devining group behaviours.

We also use cookies to identify you. This is a common practice and is the foundational technology we use to allow you to login and receive a personalized version of this site.

We ask your browser to share with us your GPS coordinates. This helps us to center the search for printers in your area. You can refuse to share your location as all browsers that we know of will not send us these details without your consent. If you chose not to share your exact location, we do our best to guess your region by means of comparing your IP Address against a database of known coordinates.

We encourage you to review the Hippodex Terms of Use for more details.